• Our Big AI Experiment - Our experience working with machines such as Midjourney, ChatGPT, and Stable Diffusion - highlighting the benefits and limitations we found.
  • 10 AI Tools to try - 10 AI tools used by THINKERS that you should try too.
  • Why Gen Z ❤️Voice Notes -The popularity of the audio messaging format, why it’s a new love language and what that means for brands.




  • Are Men Kenough? - We ask what it means to identify as male today; who are the key influential voices evolving the ‘masculinity’ conversation?
  • The Boiling Brink: A New Climate - We explore the cultural tipping points being reached in public consciousness, how language is evolving and how the brand world is responding.
  • The Great Aesthetic Intervention - We explore The Great Aesthetic Intervention; the worldwide phenomenon where young people seek to alter, re-imagine or preserve their appearance.
  • The YOUTH Guide to Travel - We explore the theme of travel through the lens of youth, with year-long opportunities for brands of all kinds to connect and engage.


  • The Vaping Epidemic -We explore the rising youth vaping epidemic - what’s driving it, what role does marketing play, and what next for young people’s health?
  • The Era Of Fandom-Ination - We stan the fans - and find out how modern fandom can inspire great brand behaviour in comms.
  • The Culture Of Sports - Inspired by the Rugby World Cup, we deep dive into sports collaborations and explore the youth conversation around sponsorship and branding in sports.
  • What Got Youth Talking This Week - We share the top topics and take outs from global The Love Network conversations.




  • 2023: The Year Of Open AI - Donagh Humphreys, Head of Social and Digital Innovation at THINKHOUSE breaks down some of the big news items, the ongoing debates, and a whole load of other handy need-to-knows that will make you the go-to person for all things OpenAI at your Christmas work party.
  • Youth Vernacular - The top 10 youth buzzwords taking over the timelines and TikToks of young people all over the world.
  • What Got Youth Talking This Week? -We share the top topics from global The Love Network & internet conversations this week.

Shout out to The Youth Lab team; and our broader contributors here at THINKHOUSE; for coming up with the ideas and pulling thoughts and ideas together from all corners of the internet; and to our clients for their brilliant contributions throughout the year. Finally, and very importantly, thanks to The Love Network - our global network of young people who share their insights and ideas to bring depth to these weekly reports.

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