“I’m striking today because I’ve been feeling helpless about the climate crisis. This action feels like the most effective thing I can do right now, not later. This is change. Activism works. I’m also striking because our industry is essential in this conversation. For 150 years, the advertising and marketing industry has existed and thrived as a morally neutral demand creator. I’ve been complicit. Now, we have no choice but to face the truth and harness our skills to help transform our world for the better.” - Laura Costello, Senior Strategist, Purpose & Planet

I’m striking today to show my love and appreciation for this earth. This planet cares for us in so many ways. It gives us fresh air to breathe, trees to build homes, plants and flowers to help us heal… The list is endless. Yet, we are constantly denying it the love it deserves and instead are given it nothing but neglect in return. It’s time we start taking care of this earth the way it takes care of us, especially the Government, they have a lot to make up for.’’ - Kaylah Benton Ní Bhroin, Office Manager & PA to Founder

"I'm striking because there's nothing more important right now. If things don't change dramatically and quickly, we're done. It's as simple as that." - David Coffey, Creative Director

“The climate is the single biggest crisis we have faced in the history of the human race. Without immediate and radical action the world as we know it will end. We as humans have inflicted massive damage to our environment, the home we share with millions of species of plants and animals. The future of every living creature depends on urgent action. We need to face this global crisis and join together to save our planet. That’s why I’m marching this Friday.” - Donna Parsons, Senior Media Relations & Advocacy Manager

“I’m striking because while the overall responsibility must lie with large corporations who can enact change on a mass scale, we need to take accountability for our own actions that have led to this crisis and do our part. It’s about time. ” - Darragh Barker, Senior Project Manager

“I'm striking so my grandkids can live in as sweet a world as we do!” - Kate O’Callaghan, Client Service Account Manager

“I’m striking this Friday for the future generations that need to live, breathe and enjoy the planet that we are currently destroying. I am striking to disrupt and raise awareness about the immediate change that needs to happen by our government, this isn’t a problem that is just added to a long list of issues, this is a global crisis and the effect on our world already, is devastating, sad and makes me feel so ashamed. I am striking to help, to do my bit for our environment and to protect our beautiful world.” - Sarah Kearns, Social & Digital Manager

The children in this country and around the world have asked us to strike and to change our attitudes and behaviours because they realise their futures are in jeopardy, it’s the least we can do.” - David Coyle, Thinkhouse Director

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