Expanding a brand family from the salon into the every day

The Approach:

With deep insight work already in place, we explored all existing brand materials and, drawing on our existing knowledge of the brand’s young target audience, added additional insight to ensure the successful translation of the brand’s core proposition into one that consumers seek in haircare. These critical strategic builds included guidance on the brand platform, tone and activation principles, uniting the brand essence, and defining where and how the brands show up in media.

To define the brand’s central activation platform we pulled the brand family apart and mapped its position on the Needscope (TNS) framework. We investigated in-category brands and out of category lifestyle brands to identify where the biggest opportunity to tap into audience desirability existed. This determined the positioning and essence of each brand based on the best opportunity for growth.

The Output:

The Youth Lab laid the groundwork for the business growth opportunities by determining the most ownable space for the salon brands based on the global audience’s needs and desires. The Brand Book is the first of its kind – a global market tool for the business, directing all communications for the brand going forward as it grows from its salon roots.