Unlocking brand relevance for a famed brand under-indexing with youth

The Approach:

Activating The Youth Lab’s DECODE methodology, our work commenced with twenty stakeholder interviews to understand the business, brand, opportunities and challenges,
from an internal perspective. We layered this with an external perspective, connecting with 80 young people across China, the UK, France and the US, in addition to 10 experts to gauge their outlook on life and coffee. We undertook extensive online research (netnography) and category research to unlock local nuances. We also activated The Youthometer, a proprietary tool from The Youth Lab that delivered a global youth relevance score for the coffee brand vis-a-vis its local competitors, unlocking opportunities for growth.

The Output:

We developed a global youth proposition for this global coffee brand and a roadmap to relevance, reflected in four territories for activation.

The Outcome:

The Youth Lab has only recently shared findings with the senior leadership team of the brand who are currently at the early stages of activating our findings within communication and media. We continue to consult with them as its youth expert, ensuring our findings are successfully understood and implemented across individual markets, in addition to exploring opportunities for product innovation.